Andy Bennet., GROOMSMAN

Lynn met Andy at R.W. Traip Academy, their public highschool with a posh name, in Kittery, Maine.

When Andy moved to Georgia, Lynn went to visit a few times and thought, "Maybe I'll live here for a year.   Or two.  Or ten."

Andy is just about to finish up his Ph.D. at Emory University in something sciencey.  Lynn never remembers exactly what.  She's pretty sure it's something to do with biology and genetics, but she's POSITIVE it has something to do with science.  Be sure to ask him!

Andy and his wife Christi live in Atlanta, right down the street from Lynn and Bob.

Of note: Christi will be passing out programs at the church with Andy's brother, Danny.  Danny is married to Shannon, one of the bridesmaids!  Christi and Lynn are on the same rollerderby team!   Small world, huh??