My Friend Karen


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Karen Lynn Kenyon, Maid of Honor

Lynn met Karen thier freshman year at Lesley College in Cambridge, MA.  Karen was really girly and Lynn, not so much.  But, they were both from Maine, both loved INXS, and Pee Wee Herman, so bonded quickly.  They have completed a number of stints as roommates (Allston, Dorchester, North End, Atlanta) and still cannot believe how amazingly well they travel together (lands too great to mention).  They have nearly identical tastes in music, movies, tv and what they think is hilariously funny.  Whenever they are in the car with Bob, he insists they both have the front seat because they can't stop talking and crying with laughter.  He's so gallant.

Karen lives in the North End with Mallory and Margo, pictured above.