Richard and Ann Bobek


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Richard and Ann Bobek, Parents of the Bride

Lynn's mum and dad, Richard and Ann to some.  Dick and Annie to others.  They possess the patience of a thousand saints.   Seriously, they do.

Richard was from Andover and went to Central Catholic.  Ann was from Lawrence and went to St. Patrick's.   That's how it was done back in theday.  They both have AMAZING, RIDICULOUS, READY-TO-BE-MADE-INTO-A-MOVIE stories about their childhoods and MUCH more interestingly, their late-teen/early adulthood years.  Richard was all about the doo-wop and the Buddy Holly and the Drifters, while Ann was a fan of the crooners - "Frank...."   Uhm, really, who else even needs to be mentioned besides "Frank".   She's been known to talk about The Four Freshman, as well.  And, she seemingly knows the word to EVERY musical, as she and the girls in the 'hood used to re-enact all of them in her yard.  Those were the days, eh?

Yet, they met, set aside their musical differences, and the rest is history. 

As of this reporting, they reside in Hampton, New Hampshire, right down the street from the beach.  Though, they have their eyes on sunnier,  palmier, less wintery pastures, ala, the Sunshine State!