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The Reception

Immediately following the Ceremony

As Bob and Lynn are both of Irish descent, what better place to hold the after ceremony activities than an Irish Pub. In Ireland, "The Pub" is the central gathering place for family, friends, and neighbors.  Short of flying the lot of you over to the Emerald Isle, we found a place that is almost halfway there: RI RA in Portland Maine.

The plan is:

  • Cocktails and Irish music downstairs
  • Dinner upstairs
  • Music dancing and drinks downstairs.

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Reception at:
72 Commercial St.
Portland, ME 04101
phone: 207.761.4446
Ri Ra Map

Directions from Ceremony To Reception

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Entertainment - Eric Lindell and Company
Having spent some great vacations in New Orleans and especially  last years visit to The Jazz and Heritage Festival where we got engaged, New Orleans was a definite contender for our wedding locale.  Though Maine won out, we decided to bring a great big wailing funky chunk of New Orleans up to Maine for our party. We are going to have New Orleans own, and our friends,  Eric Lindell and Company provide the entertainment.   Eric was kind enough to arrange to be breezing into Portland in between a series of shows in Australia on his way to a Legends of Blues cruise in California.  Get ready to dance! EricLindell_3_0072_w138.jpg (23637 bytes)